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April 20, 2022

well uh. i lost my job today. i guess that means i have more time to update the site now...
April 16, 2022

jesus christ has it really been that long since i last updated the site? time really flies when life is constantly changing around you... well, anyway. i'm gunna try to get back into the swing of things and really knuckle down on my reviews since i've gotten a new job that doesn't suck the soul out of me LOL.
September 2, 2021

well, finally gotten settled down and settled in! let the website updates commence! bwahaha. you thought you were free of me? think again! i'm here to stay >:}
March 22, 2021

we officially signed the lease on the rental house we really wanted!!! it's all ours!!!! aaaaaa!!!! i'm so excited to move in and exist there with our friends...
March 6, 2021

gah... between work and school i'm so tired @-@ so much is happening in my life too that i just have to sit back and deal with... i hope i have more time for this site soon, since all my energy is being drained lately.
February 22, 2021

first day back at work in a while! i havent had a break like that in Months, though i was cooped up inside the entire time... it didnt go the Worst, i suppose! my feet really hurt now though XD
February 16, 2021

i finally got my tax return done @-@ taxes.... are so much. regardless, its over with and i'm excited to get my refund. i have five more days before i can return to work and i'm not sure what i want to do with them.... do i want to shiny hunt? try again at rng? work on my oc site some more? idk, but i guess i'll figure it out!
February 1, 2021

it's snowed so much up here the past few days!! me and my roomie went out and made snow angels and a tiny snowman yesterday, it was honestly so fun. there isn't a lot of snow where i come from so this was a pretty fun experience!
January 25,2021

work was hard again today, but i finally got some of my shrine pages finished! or... relatively finished. i need to add some images to them and stuff, and i'd really like to update more of them somehow... anyway pokemon masters ex is being mean to me and not giving me another n >:{
January 24, 2021

off work today yay! i get to work on my site all day and no one can stop me >:3 i'm really excited to play plenty of pokemon too~ my dad said he'd keep an eye out for any new pokemon games for me at the secondhand shops he goes to, i really hope he finds some. i love love Love having a new game to play with a new team to make full of pokemon that i dont usually use
January 22, 2021

work was exhausting today and i've had a crick in my neck all day... but on the upside, my cat's been extra cute today :}
January 20, 2021

got a lot updated on the site today and added a bunch of pages! very exciting. i hope i can keep this little passion project alive.