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I'm going to be real with you. This site's going to be a little 90's, a little ugly, a little bare until I manage to find the time to put images in and all that. I don't want to kill my enthusiasm for this thing just yet!



First thing's first about my Pokemon reviews: Pokemon is my special interest, so a lot of these are going to be pretty positive. If you want harsh critique, sorry to disappoint! But I really, genuinely, love Pokemon, and I know every Pokemon is someone's favorite, so I don't want to be mean.

That being said, alongside their design and my personal history with the 'mon, I'll be reviewing their stats and general battle ability. That part might get a little harsh, or it might stay pretty positive too! Who knows! But keep in mind that I am far from being a competitive master- I'm just able to look generally at base stats and movepools and go 'eh, they're alright I guess.'

I'll be reviewing every Pokemon [and each of their forms!] in order, with regional variants being grouped into the region they show up in, where they slot into the regional 'dex.

With all that said and done, let's review us a Bulbasaur!

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