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The Weedle Line


I don't have much to say about Weedle, beyond that I love its silly little head stinger and giant schnozz. Like really, why the nose? Where does it go when it evolves? It's silly either way, and I kind of love that.

Kakuna is one of those Pokemon that I was terrfied of as a child. It just looked so menacing to me, and its eyes reminded me too much of the wasps that used to sting me when I was a youngin'. Now though I think it's actually weirdly cute in its own special way. Its just a lil baby in there, growing up and getting strong. I can respect that.

Now Beedrill is one cool-ass Pokemon! Despite my fear of wasps and bees, And my fear of Kakuna, I really have always liked Beedrill. I mean, it's a wasp! That has drills on its hands! That's pretty fuckin' cool! I love its spindly limbs with those big chunky drills, it just makes for an interesting contrast.

Mega Beedrill somehow turns a three-foot-tall bee with giant drills for hands even MORE menacing, and I am here for it honestly. I love its eyes and how much sharper they seem than regular Beedrill's, and I love LOVE how it ties Beedrill's stingers into its design even better than the original. This is, in my opinion, a pretty good mega.

So how does it hold up in battle?

In its base form... Not well. It's hampered by a bad movepool and an even worse stat distribution than Butterfree's, with its highest base stats being an 80 in both attack and special defense.

As a mega though, it finds a surprising amount of use! Beedrill is definitely one of those Pokemon that benefitted heavily from being able to mega evolve, as all of those new base stat points were dumped straight into its attack and speed, making it an incredible offensive threat. In the metagame it's mainly used as a "pivot", a Pokemon that is typically used to allow for a switch without using up an entire turn while also dealing some damage in the meantime. Beedrill's mega also gains an ability in Adaptability, which makes any of Beedrill's STAB, or Same-Type Attack Bonus, moves deal 2x te damage instead of just 1.5x. This means that U-Turn, one of the premier pivoting moves, deals as much damage to a Pokemon that doesn't resist it as it would if it were super-effective. Beedrill is still hampered by awful defenses, but it has a solid niche in its pivoting capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Beedrill was given new life in its mega evolution, and it shows. Beedrill is considered "Untiered", but mega Beedrill is in the UU category- just one step below the OU metagame. It has a sick design that's only enhanced by its mega evolution, and I am Here for it. I love you Beedrill!

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