Pokemon White

Pokemon White is the fifth-generation installment for the Pokemon series that was released for the Nintendo DS in 2011. It was released only a year after HeartGold, and it introduced the next generation to the franchise. It was received incredibly well by critics, garnering many positive reviews for its soundtrack and plot.


Pokemon Black and White are set in the Unova region, and it introduces 156 new Pokemon in total- more than any other generation. This brought the total number of overall Pokemon to 649, though none except the new Pokemon were available until after the Pokemon League was defeated. These games introduced many new features to the games, too many to list here, but the most notable ones were the introduction of Hidden Abilities -abilities that were not the same ones that Pokemon normally had and were acquired through special means- and the fact that TMs were no longer single-use, meaning the same TM could be reused over and over.


You begin your journey as a new trainer in Nuvema Town, and are immediately given the choice of the fire-type Tepig, water-type Oshawott, or the grass-type Snivy. You then have battles to keep up with your two rivals, Cheren and Bianca, and go through the gym challenge as normal until you meet N and Team Plasma. Team Plasma is a group that supposedly wants to liberate Pokemon, but actually wants to take over the world. N eventually reveals himself to be the king of Team Plasma, and it is your job to defeat him while still keeping up with your gym journey.


Who is Red?

Red is my OC trainer that takes after his canon counterpart, but he is originally from my LeafGreen playthrough. He's autistic and selectively mute, rarely speaking a word. He is much older than he was in in LeafGreen, now an adult. I'll put his adult reference here at a later date.