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The Pidgey Line


Pidgey is our first Normal/Flying type that we'll be encountering, and it's a typing that makes a lot of sense to me personally! Pidgey flies but there's nothing unique about its physiology, so it's Normal/Flying. Makes sense! I'm pretty keen on Pidgey's detail, it's something that I miss a lot with later birds. Pokemon designs in general tend to have lost a lot of their design complexity as the series has gone on, and that makes me a little sad. Well, regardless, Pidgey is a good start on bird Pokemon in general, though I do lament its plain-ness just a little.

Now I like Pidgeotto well enough, but its name has always confused me. Why is this one not Pidgeot? Pidgeotto is the longest name and adds to Pidgeot, so why is Pidgeotto not the name of the final evolution?

But, I digress. The shock of red was just what Pidgey needed, and Pidgeotto compounds upon Pidgey's design excellently. The long red feathers add just enough to Pidgey's design without taking away what makes Pidgey, well, Pidgey, so that it can be recognized as part of the evolutionary line.

Now, with what I said about Pidgeotto still withstanding... Pidgeot is a pretty boring design. It doesn't add much to Pidgeotto and they look Incredibly similar, which likely didn't help my confusion as a child. Sure there are some mild changes to colors and their placements in the design, but nothing stands out very much when you look at them seperately.

Now THIS is a bird! That's what I'm talking about! Mega Pidgeot does a good job of adding new elements to Pidgeot while still keeping it recognizable, but the details that have been added pay off immensely. The blue they add to the feathertips does an Astounding job at blending with the primary color scheme that was starting with the red and yellow, without distracting from other elements of mega Pidgeot's design. It all just ties together beautifully to make one badass-looking bird!

So how does it hold up in battle?

Pidgeot, like many of the Gen 1 Pokemon that received a mega evolution, absolutely sucked before megas were introduced. While it has a decent speed, it doesn't have enough firepower Or bulk to do much of anything before it's inevitably taken down.

Mega Pidgeot on the other hand, was given Everything it needed to succeed and find itself in the UU tier. With a phenomenal 135 base Special Attack and base 121 Speed, mega Pidgeot was given not only the firepower it so desperately wanted, but the speed to utilize it effectively as well. That's all without going into its ability, No Guard, which allows Pidgeot to use any move with 100% accuracy- giving it access to a Very powerful STAB move in Hurricane. Hurricane has a base special power of 110, which combined with mega Pidgeot's base Special Attack... well, the tier Pidgeot has landed in speaks for itself.

Final Thoughts

Pidgey is cute, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot are confusing, and mega Pidgeot is a Beast of a flying-type. It has everything that every flying-type wants: high speed, and a high attack stat to compliment its 100% accuracy STAB move. Not to mention its sick design! I won't lie, I put off this review because I couldn't foresee myself having much to say about the Pidgey line, but I surprised myself here! I suppose I have more opinions than I tend to think about, which is crazy. Well... good job, Pidgeot! You surprised me in a good way, and I'll commend you for that.

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