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My name is Gabby and you're in hell!

This site is purely self-indulgent in reviewing the designs [and characters!] that I like and enjoy, as well as little scraps for myself from other games or media that I feel like including.
Update Log

September 21, 2021: Added Pokemon shrine
September 17, 2021: Added Yusuke Kitagawa shrine
September 2, 2021: Added Pikachu line review
March 23, 2021: Added Ekans line review, edited the Pokemon review pages to have sprites
March 14, 2021: Added Spearow line review
February 21, 2021: Added Rattata line review
February 19, 2021: Added Pidgey line review
February 14, 2021: Added Weedle line review
February 8, 2021: Added Caterpie line review
February 2, 2021: Added the Yosuke shrine.
January 24 2021: Updated the Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon HeartGold shrines.
January 22 2021: Added shrines to shrine page
January 20 2021: Continued to tweak site, edited review pages to be more similar to home page.
January 19 2021: Major site overhaul; added music player, sidebar, and shrines page.
January 18 2021: Added Squirtle line review

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